Half-Day Outside and Winter Update

Half-Day Outside and Winter Update

Cat has had kind of an incredible work-load this semester. I’m writing like mad in the mornings and working at the climbing gym in the afternoons. And it’s been cold. Very cold. These things combined have made for kind of an uneventful and uninspiring winter.

For the last six years, we’ve been spoiled by continually warmer winters that have made spending time outside quite pleasant. This winter, we’ve been reminded that we live above the 63rd parallel. Rudely reminded. Even in the first week of March, we hit temps below -40°F. The last time Fairbanks had temperatures that low in March was in 1992.

Spring break just began for UAF students, which meant Cat had nothing due on Monday, and the temps were relatively nice! So we spent half the day on Sunday playing at Creamer’s Field and on Ester Dome. It was so unbelievably awesome to get out in the sun. The sun! Well, it was mostly cloudy, but we could still see it. And it’s over 18° higher in the sky than it was a few months ago on the solstice at solar noon!

Everything’s a toy if you play with it

At least we’ve spent some time planning what to do when the weather turns. The forecast shows next week being 70°F warmer than last, bringing us to near-freezing temperatures. There are more than a few summer plans in the works, and we are itching for some new adventures. Of course, we’ll keep you posted and share lots of photos.

My big side-project lately has been mapping trails and writing hiking/outdoor and travel guides to Alaska. An interesting thing happens every time I go hiking here. I always spot numerous more places along the way that I want to go explore. The bucket list keeps growing every time I check something off. So, I have no shortage of content already and I’m hoping to add quite a few new-to-us travel spots this year.

For now, here are some photos from winter! (I also post most of the photos I take on my “Recent Photos” page.)

Two dorks at Ice Art Park
Cat on the ice slide

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