Half-Day Outside and Winter Update

Cat has had kind of an incredible work-load this semester. I’m writing like mad in the mornings and working at the climbing gym in the afternoons. And it’s been cold. Very cold. These things combined have made for kind of an uneventful and uninspiring winter. For the last six years,Continue Reading

I’m a good boy. Mom and Dad say so all the time. I know when they make a sound like “Tut,” I’m supposed to look. I know not to pee until we go outside. I know I’m supposed to stay off the bed until Mom and Dad say I canContinue Reading

Lee Petersen climbing at Red River Gorge in Kentucky

Me climbing at Red River Gorge a millennia ago I turned 30 shortly after moving to Alaska. Before moving to Fairbanks, I used to climb a lot outdoors. Unfortunately, there isn’t much good rock climbing or bouldering in the Alaska Interior. Around the time I turned 30, I made theContinue Reading

I recently went back to college for a degree in engineering. The nice thing about it is that since I already have a degree from this university, this next four-year degree will only take me three years instead of five. I don’t know who said, “Ah yes, a four-year degree.Continue Reading

Hello World! We’re Lee and Cat and we want to share our stories of adventures in Alaska and outside. “Outside” is Alaska speak for “not in Alaska.” But we are usually in Alaska, so most of our writing and photos are about the largest state in the USA. Actually, LeeContinue Reading